How to Be a Bird Expert?

Answer So, you see a bird, want to do some research, but don't know what it is? This article will show you how to recognise these beautiful creatures and you will become an expert.

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How to Beat Free Bird on Guitar Hero 2 (Expert)?

So Your On your Career mode on expert and get to the end hoping to beat it, but then You Reach one of my uncles favorite song and hit guitar solo A and (Bink Bink Dong Bonk Thud Blink)"Song Failed"... Read More »

Can a quaker bird breed with a white-eyed conure bird?

The white-eyed conure, or Aratinga leucophthalma, is a member of the conure family of parrots. A quaker parrot, or Myiopsitta monachus, is a member of the parakeet family. Although these two birds ... Read More »

Design Ideas for Bird Houses & Bird Feeders?

Providing bird feeders and birdhouses gives the fowl a convenient food source during winters or migration periods. It creates a greater collective appreciation of birds and gives citizen scientists... Read More »

Can you get bird flu from pulling weeds under a bird feeder?

It is possible. Bird flu can be caught from the feces, saliva, and nasal secretions of a diseased bird. If a bird with bird flu has defecated on the sprouted weeds, then it can be transmitted to yo... Read More »