How to Be a Better You (for Girls)?

Answer Have you ever felt like you're ugly? Have you been called a geek, nerd, or loser in your school before? Thankfully, you can avoid people calling you names anymore and an inspiration to a lot of you... Read More »

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Why are girls better than boys in education?

The U.S. literacy gender gap is consistent in all 50 states. According to Education World, about 80 percent of today's high school dropouts are boys. Many factors contribute to this trend, and they... Read More »

Can boys cook better than girls?

that's a rather sexist question. yes, i think more girls enjoy cooking thatn boys, but anyone who watches the food network knows that all but one of the Iron Chefs are men. And when people talk ab... Read More »

Girls/Women: Would not be better if you wouldnt use make up?

I tend to agree, but everyone thinks I'm weird for not wearing it. I really don't like that hugely dark mascara/eyeshadow look that is popular now. I don't understand... it makes ladies look like t... Read More »

Do girls look better with long hair?

stop obsessing with your looks and just do what feels right....Men like women who are confident and proud of their will find a lot of guys who like girls just for the looks...but tho... Read More »