How to Be a Better Facilitator?

Answer A “facilitator” is someone who acts as a 'lubricant' by helping a team with issues such as communications or problem solving but, typically, does not contribute to the actual content or managem... Read More »

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What is a math facilitator?

A math facilitator is a teaching professional who oversees the math education in a school, a school district or just a specific set of grades. They analyze test results, implement new lessons and g... Read More »

How to Become a Divorce Facilitator?

A divorce facilitator works with families and couples who are considering or are currently involved in divorce proceedings. The divorce facilitator guides the individuals through the process and he... Read More »

Job Description of a Career Facilitator?

A career facilitator works with individuals to help them achieve career goals. The career facilitator helps coordinate classes, internships and anything else that will help the individual end up i... Read More »

What is the role of a facilitator in an online classroom?

In an online classroom, facilitators often work as instructors or guides through the class. They control the online classroom during discussions and ensure that students are able to get all the nec... Read More »