How to Be a Band Manager?

Answer When you hear band manager, you probably think of the fat, sloppy, sleazy guy that rides off of the bands success. Well, that is a bad band manager. A good band manager is professional and will do ... Read More »

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How to Become a Band Manager?

A band manager is an important piece of the artist or band's home team. He or she is the artist or band's partner. He/She receives between 10-20 percent of all earnings the act brings in. He/She is... Read More »

Role of a Band Manager?

Every good band needs an even better manager. After all, musicians need to do what comes naturally: focus on the music. That means the role of the band manager is perhaps the key ingredient to a ba... Read More »

Do you need a license to be a band manager?

There are no regulatory boards that require licensing of band managers. Further, there is no formal education required. To be a band manager you need to understand the basics of business and be ver... Read More »

How much does a band manager make?

According to Education-Portal, band managers usually make between 15 and 20 percent of the band's income. The exact amount of money earned depends on the skill level and notoriety of the band. Some... Read More »