How to Be Zen About Not Losing Weight?

Answer If the dreaded New Year’s resolution to lose weight isn’t working out as well as you planned, panicking or chucking the idea altogether may not be your best strategy. Unfortunately, losing weig... Read More »

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Question about losing weight in 1 day?

It's not about exercise, it mostly depends on what you eat. A good diet/exercise plan would be:Breakfast: Cook 9-grain cereal (from health food store) in water with rolled oats and wheat bran. Ma... Read More »

Question about calories and losing weight?

First, congrats on you decision. I started out this year at 251 lbs, and I am now down to 205. I did all of this by watching calories and exercise so let me explain to you how this works out.First,... Read More »

About Losing Weight After Childbirth?

A woman only wants to hear: "When are you due?" prior to giving birth. When the baby arrives, some of those pregnancy pounds will drop but not all of them will instantly melt away. With weight gain... Read More »

If I worried about losing weight, how many mg of sodium should I consume?

Okay, so weight loss is UNDESIRABLE? This suggests either very poor appetite and/or something that is causing hypermetabolic energy requirements - as in an uncontrolled process (cancer) or a period... Read More »