How to Be Yourself in Middle School?

Answer Middle school is a time of change, and there are so many different groups you could be in! But often you will end up in a group that wants you to be someone other that who you really are. And who w... Read More »

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How to Be Yourself (and Be Proud of It) in Middle School?

In middle school, with a lot of peer pressure to fit in, sometimes its hard to be yourself. Try some of these tips to get past the uncomfortable!

How to Prepare Yourself for Middle School?

Hey there! What's wrong? Hey don't be worried about your first year of middle school! Of course everybody has to go through Middle School! It's nothing to worry about.Think of it this way..... you ... Read More »

How to Be Yourself in Middle School (for Girls)?

Everyone knows the feeling that you have in Middle School, if you've entered that age yet. Alone, scared, helpless. The problem is, kids don't realize that this will all pass and it is completely u... Read More »

How to Create New Beginnings for Yourself on Your First Day of Middle School?

So you're entering middle school! This is a big mile stone in you life! 7 classes, better lunches, WAY more people, and maturity awaits you there! And just to help you, here are a few steps to help... Read More »