How to Be Yourself As a Young Teen?

Answer This article tells you how to just be yourself, sometimes you stop being yourself and after a few years, you're in the wrong shoes. With these steps, you can get back to your normal self. It is aim... Read More »

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How to Write Well As a Young Teen?

Let the world around you be your inspiration and let your creativity flow.You know how it goes: there's this one kid in your class who is, no joke, probably going to be the next Meg Cabot. Your cre... Read More »

How to Stand out (As a Young Teen)?

Standing out is a good thing. If we were all the same, life would be very boring. Once you read this article, you will know how to stand out.

How to Feel Confident As a Young Teen?

Now, a young teen can be any age from 12- 14. Usually, starting in Junior High, the pressure to fit into a certain category or look a certain way worsens. This is true especially for girls. Many ti... Read More »

How to Make Money As a Young Teen?

No one likes having to beg their parents for money whenever they want to go do something, right? Well these are some tips so you can have cash to burn!