How to Be Your Daughter's Friend?

Answer For all mothers who want to bond, communicate and build a better relationship with their teenage daughter, the following tips will help cement the relationship.

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You would like to make your daughters eighteen year old friend part of your family can you do that legally?

If he only wants to take your name, he can do a name change. If you both want to have a legal parent-child relationship, you will need to do an adoption. Check with the laws in your state to determ... Read More »

What do you do if someone threatens to kill your best friend but that person is also your friend?

Wow! Tell friend A that if friend B gets killed, or even hurt, friend A will probably wind up in prison, and then nobody wins. Try to find out why friend A is so angry and see if you can find a way... Read More »

Can you run a direct tv extension to your daughters trailer that is on your property?

Can your husband sign your daughters birth certificate without the biological fathers consent?

There are many reasons why you shouldn't give up your parental rights. You're the child's biological family. This child will have many of the same genetic things you have (including but not limited... Read More »