How to Be With Your Partner Without Feeling Bored?

Answer You being in the relationship shows that you already know how to date but the problem is feeling bored with your partner. And this are just a few things for you to overcome boredom.

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How to Have Fun in Bed With Your Partner Without Sex?

People choose to wait to have sex with a romantic partner for a wide variety of reasons. If you're one of many people who have made this decision, you can still enjoy sensual activities with your p... Read More »

Summer Break just started, and I have a a feeling I'll be bored.?

heyythere is this website just for thatits if really funn;)and its FREE;)))

If you're bored, go to google, type "find chuck norris" and hit 'feeling lucky'?

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If you are fifteen years of age and you are female your partner is male and seven years older then you what can happen to your partner even if sex is consensual?

He can go to jail for up to 15 years. The actual penalty varies from state to state.