How to Be Weird and Different?

Answer Being in the "in crowd" is not always the coolest thing. Being different and unique can be awesome too! Even being weird.

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Is it weird that when it rains my eye color turns a different color?

Not weird, but actually normal. Hazel eyes are at the cusp of many different hues. The character of the light reflecting on your iris will change how they look. It's one of the neat things about... Read More »

Is it ok to wear a different band shirt by the same band two days in a row or will people think the I'm weird ?

How come when your record yourself on a video camera you think your voice sounds different or weird?

The basic answer is, it doesn't.If you ask your friend to listen to you talk and a recording of your voice, he or she will think they sound basically the same.The difference is when you listen to y... Read More »

How do energy companies provide different households with Gas electricity Different companies different prices etc even though same lines underground for all houses?

Answer Sorry! You ae going to get ripped. There is no way to get it for less unless you instll a wood stove and heater.