How to Be Very Good at Archery, and Be Safe?

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How to Be Good at Archery?

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I enjoy bird watching, but the camera I have is not very good for that. Could any body recommend some few good?

For birding, you need a camera with a high power telephoto lens (not necessarily a super-zoom), unless you can entice them to come in close to you (bird feed, etc). A lens 500mm or more in focal l... Read More »

Are Perfume Oils Safe for People With Very Sensitive Skin?

Aromatic oils have been used as perfumes and skin conditioners for over 4,000 years. Most perfumes have an assortment of oils and other elements to create a specific scent. Several oils may be used... Read More »

Agree or Disagree: Anime Is very very VERY!!! addictive and hard to resist watching?

yesyou also wanted to know if I'm a girl or guy?Im a guyAnime that I've seen:Bleach (favorite)Death Note (other favorite)Pokemon (seen every season).HackDevil May Cry: 666Full Metal AlchemistDragon... Read More »