How to Be Thoughtful with Your Mother?

Answer Our mothers are the best gift from God, and no one will notes the importance of his mother until he has lost her, so don't wait for this moment to know how to much you care of your mother

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Can you live with your grandparents if your mother wants you to live with her and your dad says she is an unfit mother?

Answer Depending on your age and the state requirement, you can apply for emancipation and challenge your mother's right to custody.If the mother has primary custody the minor child will have to a... Read More »

Can you move out of your house and in with a friend if your father is okay with it but your mother is not and they have joint custody but you just moved in with your father?

I would say it would depend on how old you are and possibly where you live.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend?

Thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend are presents that stimulate romantic feelings and emotion. These are gifts that your boyfriend will truly appreciate because of the love and care that went into ... Read More »

How can you best gain custody of your child who is currently living with its mother in another state when the mother has a history of drug use and police involvement?

Answer If you simply take the child, you'll likely be charged with kidnapping. Your best bet would probably be to take her to court for custody on the grounds that she is an unfit mother. The wise... Read More »