How to Be That Guy People Know at School?

Answer Everyone has the potential to achieve what they want in life. This article will tell you what it takes to be respected by the majority of groups at school, work or in public. It's pretty simple and... Read More »

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DID YOU KNOW that people can stalk you by...?

Thanks, I try to keep my info, vague and inaccurate.

Do you spy on people that you know on myspace?

Yeah it pretty much pisses me off when people don't reply to my messages. Especially when they have questions that I want them to answer, and I KNOW they've read it...

Do you know any facebook notes that you can tag people in?

1. Tag the first best friend you've ever had.2. Tag your best friend now.3. Tag someone who has nice hair.4. Tag someone you ONCE had a crush on.5. Tag a random person.6. Tag someone you just reali... Read More »

Do people that ask questions on Y!A not know how to use google?

there are definitely some questions people ask here that could be done on google...but a lot of peoples questions are way to specific (or random) to be searched on google i guess. people do ask for... Read More »