How to Be That Guy People Know at School?

Answer Everyone has the potential to achieve what they want in life. This article will tell you what it takes to be respected by the majority of groups at school, work or in public. It's pretty simple and... Read More »

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Are braces cool people are jerks and say no some people yes i think yes if u believe in the whole in high school people will make fun of me thing then try to get them as early as possible?

Braces are definitely cool once they're off! And since plenty of people in high school have them, all it takes is some self-confidence and people will see them as cool too. You can't get them 'as e... Read More »

How to Survive Until School Starts (for People Missing School)?

Bored? Can't wait until school starts?Many people can't wait until school gets out,but others can't wait until school is back in session. For them summer is a long boring time. Here is how to survi... Read More »

I knocked out some people in school.. was it right?

No it will not be classed as self-defense. You do a martial art, you know where to draw the line, you know what is self-defense and what is just a physical attack.The whole point of martial arts, i... Read More »

Where was the first school for deaf people?

The first effort to teach the deaf in America was a short-lived school founded in 1815 to educate deaf children at the Virginia estate of William Bolling. On April 15, 1817, Thomas Hopkins Gallaud... Read More »