How to Be Sure Your Wine Is Made from Grapes?

Answer Many jug and box wines are made with substantial amounts of fruit juices disguised as “natural flavors.” This article tells you how to identify them so you can buy real wine.

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Is grapejuice made from wine grapes just like wine?

No, commercial grape juices like Welch's are usually made from Concord grapes while wine grapes are a lot of different varieties depending on where they're grown and what type of wine they're inten... Read More »

Can you eat the grapes out of home made grape wine?

Yes they are safe to eat. However, some yeasts give off sediment that doesn't taste great and the grapes can soak that flavor up. I usually save mine in a jar in the fridge and use them for cooking... Read More »

How many cases of wine can be made from an acre of grapes?

According to The Fortino Winery in California, the number of grape vines that can fit on one acre of land varies somewhat by species. On average, however, one acre of grapes can produce 225 cases o... Read More »

Best Grapes To Use For Wine....<>?

hope this info will help u Wine Varietals Quick Reference Albariño Spanish white wine grape that makes crisp, refreshing, and light-bodied wines. Aligoté White wine grape grown in Burgundy makin... Read More »