How to Be Super Hot at a Pool Party?

Answer Almost everyone wants to be seen as "attractive" by their peers. Whether you're a teenager or young adult, there is a great desire to be seen as "hot", and, of course, what better time and place to... Read More »

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How do you organize a Super Bowl party pool?

Super Bowl Sunday has become a type of national holiday in the United States. Many people hold parties, and there are several staples of a Super Bowl party that you can find anywhere you go. Start ... Read More »

Who assumes liability if an outside party wants to organize a pool party in the condominium building?

If the condominium corporation rents its pool to the public, then its rental agreement will specify liability coverage. If an owner hires a caterer to organize a pool party, again, the association... Read More »

How much liquid chlorine is needed to super-chlorinate a pool?

Normal levels of chlorine in a pool should be between 1 and 3 parts per million (ppm) for proper sanitization. Pools have differing sizes. Instead of a adding a set amount of liquid chlorine to sup... Read More »

How to Throw a Super Bowl Party?

The Super Bowl comes once a year and provides the perfect opportunity to get your football loving family and friends together in a party at home, where you can watch the game on your big screen TV,... Read More »