How to Be Subtle and Beautiful?

Answer Subtle beauty comes from inside.Subtle beauty is almost indefinable and makes a woman seem special; achieving it requires modesty and self-awareness. A person may desire to exhibit subtle beauty ra... Read More »

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How to Make Yourself Look Natural, Have a Subtle Appearance but Beautiful?

In this article, you'll learn the basics of taking care of your skin, making yourself look noticed but in a way that you don't really POP OUT, and tips on how to wear your clothes.

If you're a beautiful person, what are the pro's and cons of being beautiful?

During High school and college I was pretty hot. I was popular and well-rounded. I was 110 lbs, green eyes, tan and light brown hair that went to my waist. I was more into fashion then and had gr... Read More »

My beautiful cherry tree has been cut right down will it really grow back even more beautiful?

Your question is a bit vague so i'll try to cover several ideas (email me with more specific info for a concise conclusion). Is the tree young, well established or in maturity? What species of cher... Read More »

How to Do Subtle Eyeliner?

Sometimes referred to as the "windows to the soul," eyes can be the most dramatic feature in a person's face. People use eyeliner to frame and define the contour of the eye. If properly applied, li... Read More »