How to Be Subtle About Getting a Guy to Call You?

Answer Image:UK telephone box.jpgIt's very simple to give a guy your number...but whether he calls you is another story altogether.

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What is wrong with me Ive been getting serious headaches for about two years now and they are getting worse!?

I think there is problem with eyes.May be you need glasses.The same thing happened to me.

How do you find out about about getting help for a nephew you received custody of?

Answer You didn't state exactly what the problem is with your nephew, so I can only guess he is out of control, possibly doing drugs, not coming home, or, perhaps getting into trouble with the law.... Read More »

Im just about to leave home into a new flat, how do i got about getting a phone line set up?

Talk to BT, there may already be a line there and in that case they will connect it for free!

I keep getting an anonymous call!!!?

use *77 which is ACR!! anonymous call rejection....!!this will help you out for tonight....then get yourself a callerID manager, and your life will be soooo peacefully again!!http://www.privacycorp... Read More »