How to Be Sporty and Pretty at the Same Time?

Answer There are a lot of sporty girls out there and sometimes they claim that they either don't need to look pretty or don't have the time to make themselves look nice. You don't need to look like a runw... Read More »

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How to Look Sporty & Cute at the Same Time?

Sporting events can be the toughest occasions to dress for. Looking too overdone or too much like you belong on the team yourself can end in a major loss. Whether it's baseball, basketball, footbal... Read More »

Do you think Taylor Swift his pretty but annoying at the same time?

I'm not a fan of Taylor anymore. I was when she first came out and was more country, but not really now-a-days. Anyway, despite not being I fan I think Taylor is really pretty. And some of her song... Read More »

What are five babies born to the same mother at the same time called?

Does the moon rise every night at the same time&in the same location in the sky?

No, the moon rises at a different time each day and is in a different place in the sky due to the rotation of the earth and the revolution around the sun. The time the moon becomes visible is known... Read More »