How to Be Spoiled and Popular?

Answer Have you always wanted to be that girl who gets everything and be popular at the same time? Well continue reading and find out

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How to Act Spoiled?

CashDisclaimer: One assumes that by wanting to act spoiled you mean that you want to act rich. Henceforth, we will give you tips on how to appear wealthy. If you wish to act tacky, this article is ... Read More »

Am i spoiled?

I find it funny when people post crap like this.You think that you are clever and showing people up with the things that you have. What is really amusing though, is that the majority of the things ... Read More »

Im 13 am I spoiled .....?

Yes quite spoiled. You should be putting some of that money away and saving it.

Am I rich or spoiled?

No. I'm richer than you. My dad drives a Bentley and I have an iPhone and I play polo regularly.Idiot. Real rich people never boast about their wealth.