How to Be Social and Confident in Junior High?

Answer So are you not sociable, not confident, and not popular? Well, here are some steps on how to be social, confident and popular in junior high.

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How to Be Confident and Avoid Social Disasters?

A lot of people suffer from self confidence and trust me when I say I have and still do. This article will help you if you are suffering too.

Was your junior high or high school shop teacher missing any parts?

Yes, my HS shop teacher was missing half his middle finger on his right hand. Table saw.

I'm a Junior in high school with very bad grades but high SAT scores. What colleges will take me?

I can empathize. I was also extremely lazy in high school (no ADHD though) and had terrible grades (also 2.7) but pretty high SAT scores and was able to sneak into a top 20 liberal arts college, wa... Read More »

How to Be Confident in High School?

Do you want to feel more comfortable and confident in high school? By reading this article and following a few simple steps, ideas, and tips you can be a better happier high school girl!