How to Be Shocking?

Answer Do you want to be shocking? It's all about doing things that other people would never, ever do--but secretly wish that they could.

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Most SHOCKING films?

i think the most shocking could be The devils really pushed the limits of vulgarity and the way people can be so remorseless about others, loved it

Does shocking get rid of algae in a pool?

Shocking a pool refers to the process of a brief period of super-chlorination used to reactivate the chlorine in the pool after excessive use or dilution. Correcting the chlorine level by shocking ... Read More »

How to Put a Fish in the Water Without Shocking It?

A new fish is an exciting thing, but make sure to get it accustomed to your tank so as to keepit healthy and happy.

How to Get Shocking Pics out of Your Mind? and are hard to get out of your mind, as are horror movies. Follow these simple steps; they really work!