How to Be Saved According to the Gospel of Thomas?

Answer A depiction of ThomasEarly Christian groups have approached salvation in different ways. Some have explained that to be saved all one must do is believe that Jesus was God's only son, and that he g... Read More »

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Who did the voice of Thomas in Thomas the tank engine?

According to your LMP you were 7 weeks pregnant but the dr said that according to the size of the sac you were only 5.4 but the sac was empty is this possible?

AnswerYes, this is possible. One of my friends misscarried her first child when she was only 6 weeks along. She kept on going to the doctor and such. Well, she started to get sick at about 8 wee... Read More »

Should you raise your children according to *your* values or raise them according to "Society's" ....?

I completely agree. I hate the fact that everyone (it seems) is so anti-punishment anti spanking anti everything...including saying no. Bugs the hel l out me. My children will know what it's like t... Read More »

How to Introduce the Gospel?

How you introduce the Gospel will depend largely upon the person to whom you are introducing it to. It also matters what your purpose is -- are you introducing it for literary purposes, for spiritu... Read More »