How to Be Safe in Dangerous Neighborhoods?

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Facebook... safe or dangerous?

First, Facebook is not the end of the world. You have alot more to worry about in life than getting a facebook page.Facebook is dangerous. I signed up and got carjacked the NEXT day. I viewed my... Read More »

How to Stay Safe in a Dangerous Area?

If you are in a dangerous area, you'll want to be safe.

Is this teeth whitening method dangerous or safe?

Teeth whitening doesn't really fit into the realm of being 'safe' or really being 'dangerous'. The only real danger bleaching has is that it can lead to sensitivity in teeth as well as gum tissue,... Read More »

Is the food dangerous if the plate used is not microwave safe?

If food is cooked in a microwave on a plate that is not meant for microwave heating, it may not be completely safe. The plate being used and the food on it can overheat, causing burns. Plastic dish... Read More »