How to Be Safe from an Epidemic?

Answer Epidemics. They can be as small as an outbreak of the flu, or as big as the Black Plague. There are some ways to be mostly safe from these illnesses, follow this and you will be prepared to combat ... Read More »

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What would you do to help a friend or family with a bed bug epidemic?

I think this is a question for a professional fumigator. I wonder that, myself. I haven't seen any YET! I would have them throw away their pillows and wash all their bedding and I would buy them ... Read More »

Why is the swine flu epidemic already on wikipedia?

Yes, it is a bit early for the history books, but due to the fact that a LOT of people already know about the Swine flu epidemic in Mexico, it has gained enough notability from being reported on su... Read More »

Is teen pregnancy an epidemic?

How to Survive an Epidemic in Your School?

A child's view of a virus, but they can be very harmfulIs everyone in your school becoming sick? Are a lot of people gone? Most likely, there's a bad virus being spread. Here are some steps to help... Read More »