How to Be Safe at Railroad Tracks?

Answer Here is how to be safe at railroad tracks.

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Ice on the railroad tracks, can I sue?

Ms. Trophy,The railroads are charged with duty to maintain their property. It is within the purview of that entity that is charged with plowing and dressing roadways to assure the crossings are ma... Read More »

What are the lights for along railroad tracks?

A three aspect signal as you are describing, can indicate a variety of things.All red = stop signal.If there is green in the signal, it means you are ok to go, but depending on where the green is, ... Read More »

Why does a bus stop at railroad tracks?

Safety.The law requiring buses and trucks with Hazmat to stop at crossings was in response to a number of school buses getting clobbered with tragic loss of young lives. The law requires the stop ... Read More »

Why do all the railroad tracks have rocks?

your son is very observant, good questionme, being a smartaleck was going to say because rocks are cheaper than pickiing up derailmentsbut I cannot do that to such a fine young man so I must defer ... Read More »