How to Be Safe at Railroad Tracks?

Answer Here is how to be safe at railroad tracks.

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Ice on the railroad tracks, can I sue?

Ms. Trophy,The railroads are charged with duty to maintain their property. It is within the purview of that entity that is charged with plowing and dressing roadways to assure the crossings are ma... Read More »

How to Do the Haunted Railroad Tracks of San Antonio?

You've probably heard about the story of the school bus full of kids in the 30's getting hit by a train killing every one on the bus? If you put your car up to those tracks in neutral some unknown ... Read More »

Why do all the railroad tracks have rocks?

your son is very observant, good questionme, being a smartaleck was going to say because rocks are cheaper than pickiing up derailmentsbut I cannot do that to such a fine young man so I must defer ... Read More »

I live nearby railroad tracks..?

Yes its OK, just take sensible precautions against accidents.My son loved goint to watch the trains when he was little and we often used to spend an hour or so watching the trains go by, waving at ... Read More »