How to Be Safe at Home Through the Use of Firearms?

Answer Home defense is a broad topic with firearms being a small caveat of an all encompassing plan. Here I will layout the necessary steps you need to consider before and after you choose to protect your... Read More »

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How to Use Firearms As Home Protection?

Have you ever wondered, "will somebody break into my house?". If so here is how you can be prepared for an incident like this.

Hiding Places for Home Firearms?

Proper storage of firearms is a massive responsibility for a gun owner. According to Seattle Children's Hospital, about a third of the homes in the United States contained a firearm in April 2010. ... Read More »

Is it safe to leave your computer on all night and through the day?

yea it should be ok as long as it doesnt get hot cause it could burn up.

Is it safe to run a camera through the X-ray machine at the airport security?

It is safe to pass digital cameras and related equipment through an X-ray machine. However, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration recommends requesting a hand inspection of any undevelope... Read More »