How to Be Rich on Neopets?

Answer There are many different ways to make money in Neopets. These steps will guide you through the process and get your started in your quest to receive virtual riches.

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How to Slowly Become Rich on

Ever been jealous of those people with a million Neopoints, every pet painted, thousands of rare items. With a little perseverance, you can work your way up to their level!

How to Get Into the Soup Kitchen when You Are Rich on Neopets?

Have you ever wanted to get into the soup kitchen on Neopets to feed your pets to get the Soup Faerie avatar, but you had too many neopoints and the Soup Faerie wouldn't let you in? Well, you are i... Read More »

How to Get Rich in Neopets if You're Addicted to Spending?

Are you addicted to spending money? Tired of being left out in the "I Have Neopoints" chat group? Now, you can be rich AND spend money at the same time! How? Read on to find out!

I want to be rich! mega rich! with millions! whats the first step to that?

First you have to make some money and save like there is no tomorrow. Then you have to choose an investment to put it into. Property is always the best investment. Income property is always a sure ... Read More »