How to Be Really Boring (for School Play)?

Answer Do you wanna ACT BORING

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Am i really average/boring looking?

I think you're normal looking, but it's not good to show yourself to the whole world. Someone could stalk you.

Im vegetarian , Is it really okay to eat meat when im really really hungry during school ?

If you really was a vegetarian who loved animals, you wouldnt want to eat meat! :S Bring in a pack lunch, wait till you get home, have a good breakfast! Your school cant just have rows of meat and ... Read More »

How to Be Interested in a Boring School Lesson?

Some lessons are a bore, but everyone needs an education and you only get one chance at it. Here is how to keep your interest when even the teacher seems to have lost the will to live!

How to Survive Boring Days at School?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded a study in search of reasons students quit school. Almost half of the 470 students interviewed expressed boredom in school, while another two-thirds fel... Read More »