How to Be Quiet During Class?

Answer Do you find yourself always talking during class?Do you find that your teacher always scolds you for talking all the time? Maybe it is because you just can't help it. Or maybe it is because your fr... Read More »

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How to Get Middle School Students to Sit Down & Stay Quiet in Art Class?

Middle school students often present teaching challenges. Young enough to feel the need for parenting, yet old enough to be experiencing the strong emotions of puberty, these students can turn a cl... Read More »

How to Stay Quiet During a Movie?

Creating noise in a movie theater can be annoying and disruptive towards others. If a person can not stay quiet, he or she may be reported to an usher and be escorted out of the room. There are a f... Read More »

Loud vs. Quiet(er) Keyboard during Recording?

I think people want to hear the keybord to know when pressing keys but don't make it too loud or it will just be annoying

How to Tell Someone to Be Quiet During a Wedding?

IF there is a really noisy person talking through a wedding or a child crying its eyes out, it can spoil a wedding for the couple whose special day it is. It is really important to get noisy people... Read More »