How to Be Quiet?

Answer Listen, Look, and Learn. Listen with your inner most thoughts. Look at the character of the person that's speaking.

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How to Get a Quiet PC?

Most computers are noisy, but follow these guidelines and you can have a quiet PC. Whether you're building one from scratch or modifying an existing one.

How quiet is a gun silencer?

Typical silenced handguns produce around 130 decibels. On average, a silenced handgun produces sounds that are 20 decibels less than those of an unsuppressed gun. An unsuppressed gun would be perce... Read More »

Can a 22 cal be as quiet as an air rifle?

The .22 caliber cartridge cannot be as quiet as an air rifle. Even though there are .22 BB and CB caps the priming compound used to make them fire is much louder than any air rifle.References:Red R... Read More »

How to Quiet the Interior of an SUV?

New SUVs have fresh seals in the door jambs and firewalls to reduce noise and offer a comfortable ride. As the vehicle ages, some seals and joints can leak and allow excessive road noise to enter t... Read More »