How to Be Pure in RuneScape?

Answer A RuneScape pure is a player whom concentrates on solely one activity or skill. There's many kinds of pures, depending on what skill you want to work on, whether it's fire making, cooking, or woodc... Read More »

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How to PvP As a Runescape Pure?

so, you have just made an awesome pure? want to pwn on a pvp world? well, that is what this guide is for.

How to Be a 99 Summoning Pure on RuneScape?

Have you ever dreamed on being a level 15 with a Summoning skillcape? If so, then this is the guide for you!

How to Create a Pk Pure on Runescape?

How to Be a Pure Pker in RuneScape?

You will learn how to PK (player kill) in these 5 easy steps! All you have to do is sit back and read this article and you will know exactly what to do! All you need to do is start out with an iron... Read More »