How to Be Productive at Work During a Slow Week?

Answer Don’t watch the time tick away! Turn a slow week into a productive one that will earn you a gold star with the higher ups! Take advantage of downtime at work by following these tips.

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How to Unwind During a Week Off Work?

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How to Be Busy and Productive when You Don't Work?

Just because you don't have a 9-5 job doesn't mean that you have to mope around the house all day. There's plenty you can do to stay busy.

How many "productive" hours do you actually work in a day?

2. I sleep more than I stay awake, I spend more time eating than in the loo, I spend more time in the loo than doing my chores, I spend more time doing more chores than doing my work. I think that ... Read More »

During the work week do you try to go to sleep early What time is early for you?

Yes I do, I work mondays through thursdays and then sunday. I usually go to bed around 10:30 and then I get up at 5am.