How to Be Pretty Without Makeup?

Answer Although many people enjoy applying makeup to their face each day, there are others who prefer not to deal with makeup at all. Wearing makeup is a personal choice and you do not have to wear makeup... Read More »

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How to look pretty without makeup?

-whiten your teeth (you can do it naturally by brushing them with a paste of water and baking soda then rinsing it out)-keep your eyebrows neat and shapely-if you put olive oil on your eyelashes ov... Read More »

How to get a pretty face with and without makeup?

Skin can be super temperamental- which can make it really difficult to find products and makeup that work for everyone. Obviously, the best thing you can do is meet with a dermatologist, and someon... Read More »

Am I pretty without makeup How can I improve my skin?

Hi, i am a woman older than you and I suffered from acne during my teenage years. I got a phase where I could not go out without foundation, eyeliner, mascara bronzer... name it. It took me awhile... Read More »

How to Look Pretty Without Any Kind of Makeup or Oil?

If you are one of those girls who have trouble with looking pretty without the makeup, then this one is for you.