How to Be Popular and Make Friends in School When People Hate You?

Answer How to come out of your shell and make friends.

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How to Make Friends with the Popular People As a "Peasant"?

Well, you aren't exactly 'popular' and you want to be friends with someone who is. So what? They're just people. Talk to them.

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Friends are an important part of middle school life. Here is how to make some friends, and amp up your social status!

How to Make Friends With People at School?

It's not easy to make friends with people at school that you don't know but eventually you will make lots of friends to play and hang out with!

How to Be Friends With Two People That Hate Each Other?

Youth is tough. Finding friends you can count on and be yourself with is even tougher. But it gets to be almost impossible when two people you really enjoy can't stand one another.