How to Be Polite to Someone You Suspect Is Dangerous?

Answer Dangerous people can be hard to deal with. Respect, distance and body language can both deter the person, and keep you safe.

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Is there a polite way to let someone know about bad breath?

Offer him a life-saver. Hope he'll get the idea,

How to Tell if a Polite Guy Likes You or Is Just Being Polite?

Some guys are ultra polite to impress a girl, and some are just polite because that's how they grew up. It's hard to tell sometimes.

I'm so sick of people asking me why I'm a vegetarian...can someone give me a something polite I can say....?

I prefer to eat things that dont have, and never had, a heart beat... I get to eat some delicious meals I could give you some recipies if you like.Good luck honey...some people just want us ALL to ... Read More »

I suspect my computer is being hacked or someone is on the same IP address.?

1. Why do u think ur being hacked? what is ur computer doing? Please do explain ur question better. 2. When two devices attempt to connect to the same IP address, it gives out an error called an IP... Read More »