How to Be Poetic?

Answer Are you attracted to poetry? Would you like to express yourself poetically or lyrically? Keep an open mind about the genre other than your own preferences, your tried and true. Here are a few ideas... Read More »

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What does it mean to"wax poetic"?

As an intransitive verb, "wax" means "grow" or "become." Thus, when people "wax poetic," they speak or write in a flowery, descriptive, or emotional manner similar to stereotyped notion of what poe... Read More »

What is poetic meter?

Poetic meter refers to the cadence of a poem, that is to say a rhythmic or lyrical structuring of language. You define poetic meter based on three characteristics: syllable, metric foot, and syllab... Read More »

Types of Poetic Feet?

In poetry, feet are segments of stressed and unstressed syllables that, when used properly, create rhythmic sounds in each line of a poem. Poetic feet are combined with meter, the number of feet pe... Read More »

How to Teach Poetic Meter?

An important feature in the analysis of poetry is the selected poem's rhythm. While a great many modern poets do not write within the constraints of any particular meter, it is a feature of classic... Read More »