How to Be Perfect for a Nerf Dart War?

Answer Are you planing on having a nerf dart war or plan on being in one? Read on to learn how you can not be good on the field, but the BEST!

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Nerf Dart Tag Games?

Rather than tag players by hand, "Tag" players may spice up the game by engaging in Nerf Dart Tag. While wearing a vest and "Vision Gear" to protect their eyes, players carry a "Blaster" toy gun h... Read More »

How to Make a Nerf Dart Faster?

A Nerf dart gun fires projectiles with a burst of compressed air. To make darts go faster, increase the air pressure that the gun uses as propellant. You can modify a Nerf gun such as the Nite Find... Read More »

How to Make an Airsoft Gun out of a Nerf Gun and Dart?

okay this guns a little weak but works just fine

How to Make a Blow Dart With a Nerf Longshot?

Do you want to have a blow dart, but don't have any PVC, CPVC, or PETG? Then you can use the old front gun from the Longshot! This is how to do this.