How to Be "On a Boat" Like the Lonely Island?

Answer If you have seen the music group "The Lonely Island" perform "I'm On a Boat," or if you saw the music video, you might want to be "on a boat," just like the Lonely Island. Here's how:

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Who likes the group lonely island?

What was the name of the boat on Gilligan's Island?

What is the name of the wrecked boat on Gilligan's Island?

The name of the wrecked boat that left Gilligan, the sipper, and the rest of their friends shipwrecked was the S.S. Minnow. The boat was named after former FCC Chairman Newton Minow.Source:Official... Read More »

Where does the boat of losers go in total drama island?

The idea is that they go back home just as a person on any "real" reality show would.