How to Be Older Than Your Age?

Answer Does everyone say you look younger than you really are? Are you frequently asked to show your ID to prove your age? For some people, this is a blessing. But for other people, it's a headache.

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What should you do if you and your dad were just kissing and your dad suddenly shoves his penis down your throat and you are a boy older than 18 or the legal limit?

At that age the decision of what you do is in your own hands. you may need to consider legal ramifications of what you are doing depending on the laws of the place you live in.

How old do you feel Is it younger or older than your real age?

I got a 43 for my age.... I'm turning 50 this year. Personally I don't think I even feel that age (mentally I think I'm about 30) Healthwise, well nature is not being too kind to me... menopause... Read More »

How to Persuade Your Teenage Friend to Not Go out With a Man Older Than 20?

I had a crush on a guy whos 12 years older than me at my cousin's party.but its almost impossible to see him again. and I've been thinking of him for more than a year. what would u do?

I know it's hard to impress someone that's 12 years older than u so move on and find someone else near your age trust me it didn't work out 4 me =P... Good luck!!! =D Your love doctor,Dr.Wiliams (... Read More »