How to Be Old Fashioned for Girls?

Answer Keeping up with the commotion of the modern world can cause stress, because it's never the same. Stop trying! Stay with the old-fashioned way.

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Old-fashioned girls' names: this, this, this, or that [2]?

1) Clementine has really started to grow on me lately. I'd probably never use it because of the unfortunate fruit association but I think it has quite a pretty sound to it. I also think I like it ... Read More »

What would you name 6 boys and 6 girls using these old fashioned names?

Theodore MaxwellEvander PhillipLeo FosterVincent Edward Henry OliverArthur William Theodore, Evander, Leo, Vincent, Henry, & Arthur.Iris Genevieve Beatrice VioletGwendolyn HazelRosemary FrancesAdel... Read More »

What would you name 8 girls and 8 boys using these old fashioned names?

Ah, a challenge....Nora Elspeth, Imogen May, Clementine Leona, Katherine Louise, Eleanor Regina, Rachel Cornelia, Georgiana Maude, Rosemary MelindaElliot Creed, Maxwell Edmund, Thaddeus Eamon, Owen... Read More »

How to Be Old Fashioned?

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