How to Be Old Fashioned?

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Any Old Fashioned Mothers Out There?

1) Are you a Stay at home mom? -Yes2) If yes... do you think its harder/ easier than being a working mom?-In some ways yes. In some ways no. I think it'd be pretty hard to miss your kids' milesto... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Mice the Old-Fashioned Way?

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Old Fashioned Hairstyles?

Long hair, short hair, not enough hair and too much hair has been the plague of women throughout the ages. Women with curly hair think they want straight hair, while women with straight hair think ... Read More »

How to Be Old Fashioned for Girls?

Keeping up with the commotion of the modern world can cause stress, because it's never the same. Stop trying! Stay with the old-fashioned way.