How to Be Notified Audibly When New Emails Come In?

Answer Many email-managing programs include an audio alert that plays a brief chime whenever new mail has arrived. While the default sound is often mildly distracting in order to get your attention, the m... Read More »

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Who is notified when a Chapter 13 is paid?

After a Chapter 13 is paid, the three main credit reporting agencies keep a file of the bankruptcy payoff in your credit report for the next seven years. This means that any company needing to chec... Read More »

How can I be notified when someone likes my pic on facebook?

Log into facebook.Open your facebook account settings.then click notifications tab on the left side listed.Enable Email and text messaging in that to get notified in your email and your mobile.

Do people get notified when you follow them on Facebook?

When i remove a friend from Facebook - are they notified?

No, they just won't be able to view your profile anymore