How to Be Nicer to Others?

Answer You're now wondering if you're a sweet nice person? Someone called you bratty, mean, selfish, etc. Want to know how you can be nicer to others? Read on if you want to live a charming, nice life.

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What's nicer at Starbucks?

I personally prefer the caramel. They both are very good though!Caramel is basically a Carmel macchiato except its blended into a frappacino!Strawberry and Cream has strawberries and cream!The favo... Read More »

How do you get brother to be nicer?

You need to be nicer and tell some jokes so you could get cofterbale with you brother

Which shoes are nicer?

i would say the first pair as the other one's are bland and that one is colourful and amazing hope i helped :)

Which of these dresses are nicer?

Both of the dresses are great choices, nice taste! Very classy and feminine. I love the first one, but i think the shoulders aren't that suitable for a prom dress.I also love the second one and thi... Read More »