How to Be Nice and Kind?

Answer Being nice is sometimes hard,but when you read this article,you can stay nice!

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What kind of alcoholic beverage should I drink to get a nice feel?

Jägerbombs. A shot of Jägermeister bombed into a glass of red bull. Tastes delicious and after about 6 you'll be well f*cked. Enjoy.

What kind of flowers would make a nice purple bouquet?

Lilacs have a wonderful scent and hang nicely..and purple columbine was gathered by pioneers for bouquets

How to Raise Good Mannered,Kind,Nice Children?

Every good parent wants the best for their kids.You don't want your child to be that snobbish, selfish child in the mall.

What kind of dental procedure have you done to have a nice smile & beautifull teeth.?