How to Be More Vulnerable in Relationships?

Answer You often mask your true self in a relationship. You have trouble expressing your fears and weaknesses, or making a long-term commitment, because it will make you emotionally vulnerable. If this so... Read More »

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Why are children more vulnerable to disease?

Their immune systems aren't fully developed yet and they haven't had enough exposure to different pathogens to develop immunity to various strains of viruses.

Is Windows inherently more vulnerable to malware attacks than OS X?

A 2009 ESET survey found that Mac and PC users report an equal vulnerability to cyber attacks from malware. Unlike hacking attempts, malware requires trickery on the part of the malicious coder--wh... Read More »

What should I use for my new kitchen counter top granite or a synthetic material Which one is more solid and less vulnerable to scratches color changes Any experiencerecommendation is welcome.?

Suggestion Here are few of my suggestion as links: Read More »

What does vulnerable mean ?

Vulnerable means you're more likely to experience hurt feelings, injury or illness. For example, if you have a weak immune system, you're vulnerable to illness.Source:Vulnerable