How to Be More Supportive of Your Significant Other?

Answer Is your significant other going through a rough time? And you don't know what to say or do? Here are some suggestions:

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How to Get Your Significant Other to Wash His Hair More Often?

If your guy is one of those people that feels that because his hair is short, it requires only infrequent shampooing (i.e. one out of three or four showers, or less!) this is a simple trick to help... Read More »

What can you do if you want to live with your other parent but the one you are living with will not let you because of the other's significant other?

Answer Minor children have little recourse in deciding which parent they want to live with. They do, however have the right to express their preference/feelings to the judge.

How to Get Your Significant Other to Work Out?

If your goal is to get your honey to lay off the “honey” and hit the gym, the worst approach you can take is a blunt one. No one wants to be told they need to work out, especially if they’ve ... Read More »

How to Convince Your Significant Other to Buy a Boat?

Any married couple knows that you don't always see eye to eye, especially on big purchases. If you follow these steps you'll have that boat you've always wanted in one week flat.