How to Be More Confident With How You Look ( for Girls)?

Answer Do you ever look in the minor and frown? Do you hate the way you look? This world is very picky about how a 'beautiful' woman should look. I hope as you read this article, you will realize how beau... Read More »

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How to Be Confident Around Girls if You're Shy?

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How to Be Confident After Being Made Fun of (Girls)?

Having confidence after someone teases or puts you down is a skill that can make you a lot happier in life. You have something that those people don’t. Here’s a guide to obtaining this skill.

How to Become More Confident Around Girls/Guys?

Are you shy, have a lack of confidence, or just a little invisible, according to your crush? Well read on, and this will hopefully help you become more confident.

How to Be Loud and Confident (Girls)?

It's a common stereotype for girls to be quiet and meek. Wanna change that? Then here's how.