How to Be More Confident With How You Look ( for Girls)?

Answer Do you ever look in the minor and frown? Do you hate the way you look? This world is very picky about how a 'beautiful' woman should look. I hope as you read this article, you will realize how beau... Read More »

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How to Look More Confident?

Feel like you have no self confidence at all? Or just having a bad day? Looking and feeling self confident is very important in how people live day to day life; socialising, in the work place and j... Read More »

How to Become More Confident Around Girls/Guys?

Are you shy, have a lack of confidence, or just a little invisible, according to your crush? Well read on, and this will hopefully help you become more confident.

Why are pretty girls so insecure, as for the ugly ones, who are always confident and swear they look good?

Maybe because pretty girls are expected to always look good, so if something goes wrong on their face or body, they'll think everybody wont find them as pretty. 'Ugly girls', on the other hand, don... Read More »

How to Be More Confident With Men?

Women have developed a notion that men are difficult to be approached, and that it should be done the other way around. Well, that is not true. Although men seem to be creatures of a different kind... Read More »