How to Be More Aware of One's Health?

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How to Be More Aware of Your Health?

You have a mind of your own. Doctors can't know everything. Perhaps some people trust doctors a little too much. They expect miracles and then blame the doctors when things turn out to be less than... Read More »

Malware and Adware Scanner...Something like Ad-aware but not Ad-aware?

Avast! is free for home use and can find all sorts of Microsoft Windows malware.http://www.avast.comIts way better than Windows Defender (which is useless - even Microsoft admit it).

Anything I should be aware of?

You know much more than we do! Ask your surgeon if there is anything you need to know.

Are you aware of this law?

Hi fluffycat. I was aware there are communication laws forbidding such illegal behavior, but I didn't know the specific Acts. Thank you for posting them. Don't let these abusive, illegal, psychos g... Read More »