How to Be More Alert?

Answer This deer is alert and ready to go!Everybody needs to stay awake at certain times, but sometimes you are just SO sleepy! Some things are important to know if you wish to stay awake and there are al... Read More »

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This is more of a warning TROJAN VIRUS ALERT?

Yes, that and others like it have been around for a while it seems. I'm always leery about clicking on any and every link that I find in an e-mail. There are some programs which will scan a link be... Read More »

How can I make myself more alert in early morning?

Hello there, First, go to bed early the night before. I wouldn't recommend any coffee or energy drinks in the morning- they will make you more nervous and anxious-good recipe to fail. have a bite t... Read More »

I always get so tired at work around 2pm. How can I stay more alert?

Oh--can I relate--first I have to disagree with the coffee and tea answer. Hurts more than it helps for most.Your work environment has a lot to do with it----do you have natural light--as in a win... Read More »

What is a good "brain food" for the morning that will also wake me up make me more alert?

Stick with something whole grain or protien. Like scrambled eggs or a whole grain english muffin. These foods do not spike your blood sugar for a crash later. This morning I had weight control oatm... Read More »