How to Be Miserable?

Answer Sometimes life can get you down, and you really can't help that, but you can help the situation. These few steps allow you to express your feelings, while controlling the situation. Being miserable... Read More »

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What is les miserable about?

Les Miserables follows the story of a convict on parole, Jean Valjean, and other poor people in France after the reign of Napoleon. Valjean is arrested for stealing a loaf of bread for his starving... Read More »

What are some sad/miserable songs?

Best sad song totally fits this description! Staind - its been a whileTrust me perfect for your flick! Goodluck

How to Be Happy and Not Be Miserable?

There are plenty of miserable people, but that doesn't mean you have to be one of them. The happier you feel, the better your life just may seem. Below is a guide to help you avoid feeling miserable.

What are the Les miserable s archetypes?

There are hundreds of archetypes in Les Miserables. Some include:Light and darkness- these archetypes are expressed throughout the book. An example is when Bienvienu gives Jean the silver candlesti... Read More »